Brandon's Run
He is risen!


I have vivid memories of my mom singing this over and over every Easter. Now I can’t say or read those words without singing them and hearing her voice in my head. Thank you mom for the way you raised me.

Hello 7, 8, 9 miles….

So I am now two weeks away from my first ever half marathon. Am I freaked out, even just a little bit? No. I feel like I have trained to the best of my ability and by switching my diet around last week (plant based foods FTW) this past weekend was the strongest and best run I think I have ever accomplished. I feel prepared and I am at peace with this life changing decision. Exercising for the rest of my life? Check.Giving up diet sodas? Maybe. I am really looking forward to this race and I can’t wait to post pictures from the finish line. 

Yes: it was the hoodie’s fault. A hooded sweatshirt can make an innocent teen look like a criminal — just like a suit and glasses can make Geraldo Rivera look like a journalist.
Another 7 miles down

6 more miles to go. 

I can not believe I am almost half through a half marathon. Crazy stuff. In 4 weeks, Big D will be here. 

6 lbs down, a million more to go. (okay, maybe not a million)

Crazy, busy week

Is it Spring Break yet? 

Things coming up:

Radiohead (TONIGHT!!!)

Take home essay (due Friday)

Presentation #2 (due Thursday)

Teaching Certification (need to finish ASAP)

Apply for teaching jobs (real life is happening)

Andrew Bird (March 15th..a day that will live in infamy) 


7 miles. Eekkkk!

Looking for a layout

that I really like. Bear with me as I keep changing this thing up. 

In other news:

4 miles done

paper just have to proofread

test about to start

annotated bib will be done by tonight

Bring on the weekend